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What causes Pennsylvania Auto Accidents During the Fall?

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It’s fall: time for hayrides and pumpkin spice. While Autumn can be a good time for outdoor fun,  Esurance warns that fall can also be a dangerous time for drivers. Some of the characteristic that make the season what it is, can also increase the risk for auto accidents. Traffic, weather, and wildlife are among the dangers that can increase the risk of Pennsylvania auto accidents during the fall.

Drivers need to adjust to new traffic patterns brought on by the back to school season.  During the summer, there was an absence of school buses, and people taking vacations meant less traffic. Now, there are more cars and buses on Pennsylvania roads, as well as increased pedestrian traffic.  More vehicles on the road can increase the risk of car accidents in Pennsylvania. There is also the risk of school bus accidents and pedestrian accidents.

Increased traffic is not the only risk for auto accidents during the fall in Pennsylvania. During the Autumn months, leaves are falling from trees, rain patterns change, and colder temperatures bring fog and frost.

Fallen leaves, although beautifully colored, can make the rides slick or cover up potholes and road markings. Mix rain with those leaves, and the roads can be as slick as ice.

Cooler temperatures in the evenings and early morning can lead to fog and frost. Fog can limit a driver’s visibility and perception of distance, which can increase the risk of a car accident. Frost can lead to icy spots on the road — especially on bridges and overpasses.

Although the decreased daylight can cause may to worry about the potential for an auto accident, the sun can also be a potential road hazard this time of year. Sun glare can impair a driver’s vision and make it difficult to see pedestrians and other cars, including oncoming traffic.  Sun glare can be bad during the fall, especially when caused by the sun setting behind the driver. In this instance, the sun can bounce off the rearview mirror or reflect off traffic lights, blinding the driver for a split second.  One split second is all it takes to cause a car accident.

Nature increases the risk of Pennsylvania auto accidents during the fall with more than just environmental factors.  Autumn is mating season for deer.  This means more deer are out and about.  More dear on the roads at night can increase the risk of a driver hitting a deer. In Pennsylvania, the deer mating season occurs between late October and mid-November, according to Pittsburgh’s Action News.

Esurance outlines, not just the factors that can increase the risk of an auto accident during the fall season, but also some safety tips to prevent car accidents during the season. Drivers are urged to drive slower, leave more distance between the car ahead, and approach traffic carefully.  To prevent a car accident on a foggy day, the low beams should be used instead of the high beams-which can cause a glare. Drivers should also watch out for deer and other animals, especially during the early morning and evening hours.

To learn more about preventing fall auto accidents, read the full Esurance article.

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