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Pennsylvania Asbestos Lawsuits

Since the link between Asbestos and Mesothelioma was discovered in the 1950s, regulations have been put into place for manufacturers and builders who would have used this product. Although you or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos in the 1980s, it’s not too late to file Pennsylvania Asbestos Lawsuits. Lung Cancer Adenocarcinoma, the most common type of asbestos cancer, can take up to 20 or 30 years to completely manifest in individuals with prolonged asbestos exposure.

Lung cancer found in the lower lobes of the lungs are most typically associated with asbestos exposure. Lung Cancer Adenocarcinoma develops through the lung tissue, obstructing air passages. Adenocarcinoma is a cancer that begins in the glandular tissue also known as epithelial tissue.

Unfortunately, one does not need to be in contact with asbestos for a long period of time to develop lung cancer. Mesothelioma, a more severe type of asbestos related lung cancer, can affect even those who were only exposed to asbestos for a short, or intermittent period of time. Because such a limited amount of exposure is needed, Mesothelimoa is the most dangerous type of asbestos related disease. This type of cancer is found within the thin tissue membranes lining the thoracic and abdominal cavities and surrounding internal organs.

Sadly, many people do not know they have Mesothelioma until it is too late. Common symptoms include, shortness of breath, pain in the lower back or side of the chest, coughing and weight loss. Many individuals experiencing these symptoms, may not attribute it to their asbestos exposure because it happened so long ago. Anyone who suffered asbestos exposure is encouraged to follow up with their doctor if any of these symptoms manifest, applying for the Mesothelioma lawyer assistance, too. Because the manufactures knew of the dangers of asbestos at least 10 years before the dangers were revealed, anyone who was exposed may have grounds for Pennsylvania Asbestos Lawsuits

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