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The Exactech Poly Recall – How Do You Find Out If You Have a Recalled Exactech Knee Replacement?

Exactech implants that have been recalled can pose a substantial risk to your health, resulting in significant pain, a diminished quality of life, and even further surgeries.

Worse yet, studies of joint replacement problems have shown that the polyethylene plastic inserts used in Exactech implants have been failing at shocking rates in the last few years, leaving thousands of people dealing with these impacted implants.

How Do You Find Out If You Have a Recalled Exactech Knee Replacement?

Unfortunately, many individuals that have received a knee or ankle implant may not know whether they have a recalled Exactech part. As a result, if you are looking to find out whether you have a defective Exactech implant, you may need to obtain copies of your medical records or contact your doctor or surgeon to confirm the details of your replacement part, including the implant name and the serial number. You can then use the serial number and compare it to the list of affected devices provided by Exactech.

Yet, if you have issues finding out this information, you can also reach out to an experienced Exactech recall lawyer. These attorneys can determine whether you, in fact, have a recalled Exactech replacement device and help you figure out the legal options you have.

Financial Damages You Can Pursue if You Have a Defective Exactech Implant

If you pursue legal action for your defective Exactech implant, the settlement you receive should not only cover the total cost of all your past, current, and future medical treatments, including the surgeries required after your implant fails, but it should also provide you with compensation related to your:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages and reduced earning capacity
  • Inconvenience related to your recovery time following any additional surgeries

Yet, the best way to determine what financial damages you may be entitled to if you discover you have this defective Exactech implant is to reach out to a skilled and knowledgeable Exactech recall attorney, especially because the existing Exactech recall settlement program may stop you from getting all the money you need.

Filling an Exactech Recall Lawsuit

If you discover that you have a defective Exactech replacement part, you should be able to pursue compensation for the problems caused by your defective implant. 

To help you determine if pursuing these monetary damages is an option, you should reach out to an experienced Exactech recall attorney as soon as possible. These lawyers can provide you with a free case consultation and help you understand how you can fight for the money and justice you deserve.

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