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New Adoption Law would ease process for PA Couples

Pennsylvania State Representative Scott Petri is proposing a new adoption law that would ease the process for Pennsylvania couples looking to adopt and Pennsylvania children looking for a Adoption Lawpermanent home.

Petri testified last month before the House Children and Youth Committee on behalf of his proposed bill, House bill 1526. Petri referred to Pennsylvania’s current adoption laws as archaic, and affirmed his desire to make the process easier and get children into homes where they are wanted and will be loved, the MidWeek Wire reported.

House bill 1526 seeks to reduce the amount of time a birth parent has to revoke consent for an adoption.  Under current Pennsylvania adoption laws, a birth mother has 30 days to change her mind regarding the adoption.  Under the new law, she would only have five days.  According to Petri, the lengthy waiting period during which a mother can revoke consent often causes many Pennsylvania couples to go out of state.  “My bill would shorten the time frame for consent, both improving Pennsylvania’s reputation as an adoption-friendly state and increasing the likelihood that Pennsylvania children will be adopted,” said Petri.

In addition to Petri’s adoption law, the Pennsylvania house is also considering another bill that would expedite the adoption process. House Bill 1525 seeks to shorten the relinquishment of parental rights procedure by requiring a court date be set no more than 20 days after the birth parents file their termination of rights.

In addition to laws favoring the parent and child fostering,  bills to provide assistance to the birth mother are also up for consideration, including one that would provide birth mothers with counselling services and allow adoptive parents to provide her with reasonable expenses.

Pennsylvania couples considering adoption are urged to contact an Adoption Lawyer to learn more about Pennsylvania adoption laws and the state’s adoption process.

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