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Health Care Reform: Insurance Policies to Offer No-Cost Preventative Care

Whether you support or oppose the new health care reform plan, it’s tough to argue that no-cost preventative care as part of a health insurance policy may help improve the finances and well-being of several Americans. A New York Times story discusses how the new health care plan will include immunizations, cancer screenings and checkups, which are considered preventative services, as part of an individual or family’s insurance policy. This means that no additional cost will be necessary to cover efforts to prevent illness, cancer and disease.

In diminishing any out-of-pocket charge for preventative services, the idea is that people will be healthier because they won’t be avoiding certain helpful actions with cost in mind. With more and more Americans in better health as a result of utilizing preventative health services, the overall amount of money being spent on various treatment, prescriptions, and other medical costs should diminish. In addition, if all goes according to plan, less people should become ill and cancer should be detected in earlier, more treatable stages, thus lowering incidents of cancer misdiagnosis.

The President of the National Business Group commented that this aspect of the health insurance plan is “focused on improving an individual’s health and identifying risk factors.”

Those in the insurance law field understand the significance of free preventative care included in health insurance policies. This type of coverage has already been incorporated into large business’ employee health plans to encourage workers and their families to live healthier lives. This type of approach is geared towards lowering overall health care and treatment expenses (check the updated information on rate rise health insurance) by preventing the need of these services to begin with.

Based on the article, a benefits consulting firm’s 2009 survey revealed that three out of four large companies provide free preventative health services to employees. While several details of the new health care plan are still being worked out, smaller businesses and individual health plans may find a way to offer similar benefits for achieving overall well-being in making preventative care a part of the insurance policy without any extra fee.

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