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Dog Bite Injuries: A Frequent Problem in Pennsylvania

dog bite injuries

The report of an elderly New York woman who was killed by a dog she recently adopted, has served as a reminder of the potential risk and severity of dog bite injuries.

The 75-year old intended to return the Mastiff to the ASPCA because he was too aggressive, ABC 7 reported on February 13. Unfortunately, she was not able to return to him soon enough. The dog also attacked the owner’s 39-year-old autistic son. Luckily, the young man’s injuries were not life-threatening.

According to neighbors, the woman made the decision to return the dog after it attacked a neighborhood terrier that was walking on a leash. One neighbor accounted that the mastiff pounced on the small dog, chewing it like a rag doll. When neighbors tried to help, the attack-dog bit one of them on the hand.

This fatal attack is tragic. But it is not uncommon—especially in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania dog bite injuries have made headlines during the last six months. On January 25, a 96-year-old Philadelphia woman sustained serious injuries after being attacked by two Pit bulls. First responders told 6ABC that the one side of her face was unrecognizable.

Also in January, an attack happened at an Easton ASPCA. A young woman was in the process of adopting a Beagle when a Pitbull came out nowhere and mauled the Beagle, according to Lehigh Valley Live.  The beagle was rushed into surgery and the Pitbull was euthanized due to the potential for another attack.

During December 2016, a 28-year-old Chester man sustained serious dog-bite injuries to his leg after he was attacked by two Cain Corso dogs, reported 6ABC.

The Post-Gazette reported about a 75-year old Pittsburgh woman who was hospitalized after she was attacked by her grandson’s dog on October 17.

Lancaster Online reported on a stray dog that mauled a nine-year-old Lancaster County girl during August 2016.  The child suffered head and facial injuries. The child’s grandmother told Lancaster Online that the dog would have likely killed her. The young victim underwent surgery to reattach her scalp and ear, in addition to other potential surgeries.

Pennsylvania dog attacks have gotten so out of hand that one town was forced to halt mail.  During October 2016, The United States Postal Service (USPS) stopped mail on one block in Washington, PA because a mail carrier reported being repeatedly attacked by a resident’s Pit bull, according to Fox News.

Dog attacks are tragic and unexpected.  Often times victims may not be financially prepared for the medical bill that results from dog bite injuries. Pennsylvania law makes it easy for residents to recover compensation for medical treatment that resulted from dog bite injuries. In most cases, the dog’s owner has homeowner’s insurance that will pay the claim on behalf of the owner.

If you or a family member was attacked by a dog and sustained serious dog bite injuries, speak to a personal injury lawyer to preserve your legal rights.

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