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Pennsylvania Bans Texting While Driving

Yesterday, the Pennsylvania State Senate approved legislation prohibiting motorists from sending, receiving, or reading text messages while driving. 

A day after this overwhelming 45-5 approval, the House sent the Bill to Governor Corbett, whom they expect to sign and make this bill a State Law.

 Absent from the bill is a provision to outlaw  talking on a handheld cell phone while driving, similar to the one enacted in Philadelphia.   However, any law that bans any form of distracted driving is still a victory for safe driving advocates.

 Originally, texting while driving was to be a secondary offense, meaning the offender could only be fined if they were stopped for a more serious offense, such as running a red light.  But committed state  legislators boosted it to a primary offense.  Anyone caught in violate of this ban will face a $50 penalty.

 Distracted Driving claims over 5,000 lives per year .  Pennsylvania lawmakers as well as Advocates for Ending Distracted Driving are hoping that this ban and its enforcement will provide a significant decrease, and lead to an eventual end to deaths from distracted driving.

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