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November 14 is World Diabetes Day

November 14 is World Diabetes Day, and a great opportunity for diabetes patients to consider the increased risk of bladder cancer associated with the drug Actos. Patients interested in alternatives to Actos should consult with their physicians to explore other options.

Taking Actos or the generic pioglitazone for more than one year increases a person’s risk of bladder cancer by 40 percent, according to an ongoing ten-year study by Takeda. A French government-funded epidemiological study last year associated Actos and bladder cancer and led to an Actos ban in France and Germany. Drug labels and safety information for pioglitazone-containing medications have been updated in the U.S., but the drug has not been recalled. Many users have filed Actos lawsuits after being diagnosed with bladder cancer.

To avoid the Actos bladder cancer risk, diabetes patients can discuss treatment alternatives with a physician. Patients should never change their current medications or treatment without first consulting their doctors.

World Diabetes Day is an effort to raise awareness about the disease and gain support for the 26 million Americans with diabetes. The campaign suggests ways that people can get involved such as wearing blue and joining in one of the many activities to support the cause.

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