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New PA Legislation Says Don’t Eat and Drive!

Distracted driving in any form is incredibly dangerous. And while the use of cell phones and hand held devices, specifically texting while driving, always tops of the most hazardous distractions driving activities, with good reason, another primary offender routinely rides under the radar: eating while driving. A recent story by the York Daily Record explored the dangerous behavior further.

Driver Distraction AccidentsA clause that bans eating while driving in Pennsylvania has been specifically included in a new bill that bans all forms of distracted driving. The bill is currently moving through the legislative process. According to data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2009, an enormous 80 percent of all highway accidents recorded were caused by some kind of distraction (this includes eating). Sixty-five percent of close calls were also attributed to the behavior. A separate study done by Exxon Mobil showed that 70 percent of drivers eat food while operating vehicles, and 83 percent consume beverages while driving.

The issue is gradually gaining attention, with a notable ban proposed in Oak Park, Illinois, to a mixed bag of praise and disdain from residents. As reported by the Daily Record article, the NHTSA research also spotlighted what they consider to be the most dangerous and regularly seen foods and beverages behind the wheel, which included coffee, hamburgers, soda, doughnuts, soup, ribs, and wings.

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