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Negligent Actions of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Brought to Light

A news report entitled “The Chamber Litigation Machine: How the Chamber Uses Lawsuits to Keep Americans Out of Court” details the negligent actions of the United States Chamber of Commerce. The report, written by the American Association for Justice (AAJ), shows that time and time again, the Chamber of Commerce used litigation to restrict access of the courts from everyday Americans, both as consumers and as workers.

The report exposes the Chamber’s aggressive litigation—entering lawsuits at an average rate of more than twice a week—and also brings to light their duplicity: while liberally using the courts for their own pro-corporate agenda, they prohibit justice for the average American, spending millions to undercut the civil justice system by way of advertising, large lobbying campaigns, and bankrolling anti-consumer political office candidates.

Filing lawsuits in defense of such corporations as Wal-Mart, AIG, and Firestone, along with other insurance and pharmaceutical companies, they further restrict access to the courts for Americans. According to the report, in most cases, the litigation by the Chamber on behalf of major corporations such as the ones listed above was at the expense of the financial and health security of Americans. Essentially, the Chamber prevents American citizens from holding negligent parties liable in the court of law.

Tom Donahue, president of the Chamber, has announced additional plans for a legal assault on federal regulations in place to defend consumers against corporate abuse and fraud. The Chamber also plans to hire legal experts to aid them in this legal attack on consumer regulations.

To read the full report, click here.

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