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Man Faces Prison, Fines in Dog Attack Case

Dog owners have a responsibility to their respective communities to keep their animals restrained. If a dog has been deemed dangerous or vicious, dog owners must follow regulations spelt out by the city or county ordinance – whether it’s muzzling the dog in public places or confining it to a secure place for the safety of visitors and neighbors. Being an irresponsible dog owner in Pennsylvania has its consequences.

In recent news, a 26-year-old man in Erie, Pennsylvania, is facing a seven-year prison term and $50,000 fine in connection with a dog attack case. According to a report in the Erie Times-News, the man pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the dog attack on his 3-year-old niece. The dog, a pit bull mix, attacked the little girl in September causing serious injuries.

Dog owners in Pennsylvania may not only be held civilly liable in dog attack cases. This case shows that Erie County is also criminally prosecuting negligent dog owners. Dog bite victims, especially young children are typically traumatized by the violent attacks and spend significant amounts of time recovering from the physical pain and emotional scarring. In such cases, in Pennsylvania, there are numerous resources available to assist victims protect their rights and obtain fair compensation for their injuries.

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