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You Should Know- Distracted Driving

Steve Miller,  who hosts the popular podcast  “You Should Know” a publication of Voice2News, LLC,  recently  interviewed Attorney Joel Feldman, about his groundbreaking campaign to stop distracted driving.

Early on in the interview, Joel told Steve that while we see distracted driving as a youth problem, particularly with texting, this is not limited to texting teens.  Drivers of all ages drive distracted from all different kinds of distractions; talking on a phone,  talking to other passengers, or eating.  There can be many different kinds of distractions.  The Recent You Should Know Newsletter offers some suggestions for managing the different kinds of distractions.

Right now, the Hot Topic  for Joel, The Casey Feldman Foundation, and  is the North American Student Awareness Initiative also known as the Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign which gets North American Trial Lawyers in both the United States and Canada involved in their communities visiting school students and civic organizations to tell them about the importantce of safer driving habits.

Steve’s first qusetion, was probably the same thing that goes through anybody’s mind: Why Trial Lawyers?

Joel believes that his experience as a trial lawyer coupled with the story of his daughter, Casey, who was killed by a distracted driver, would reach out to other attorneys who have represented clients with similar stories.  Also,  the will to do something positive and the safety consciousness held by trial lawyers would make them excellent candidates to reach out to students about the dangers of distracted driving.


You can listen to the entire podcast at:

You can also check out You Should Know’s recently newsletter which also features Distracted Driving,, and Casey Feldman’s Story at:

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