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The Real Estate Law portion of PA-Law-Blogs provides coverage of regulations and legal codes that relate to land and various commercial, industrial, and residential properties. In addressing new legislation and reports discussed in the news about real estate, PA-Law-Blogs serves as an informative resource for national real estate issues as well as those pertaining to cities across Pennsylvania.

Both commercial and residential real estate affect people of all ages and economic stature. The impact of real estate law, especially during a down economy, has the power to help a new business get on its feet or propel a family into bankruptcy. By reading up on the latest real estate news, whether associated with recent incidents of landlord impersonation or spikes in home foreclosures, individuals can enhance their understanding of what role real estate law plays in the commercial and private sector.

At one time or another, most people have purchased, rented, or sold a piece of land or property. In a perfect world, there would never be any problems or legal concerns regarding real estate. Property and land matters are inherently complex. Although the real estate industry mostly caters to the needs of buyers, sellers, and lessors, property valuations, contracts, and official transactions may require acute attention and professional assistance. Staying informed about national news as well as federal and state laws relating to real estate can help individuals who want to learn more about the housing market, building environmental hazards, consumer protection, rental scams, mortgage payments, eviction, and other major issues.

To learn more about real estate law and how it relates to many other areas of law such as business, consumer protection, estate law, insurance, workers’ compensation, and others, please refer to blogs on this site. If you have experience in the real estate field, we welcome you to join PA-Law-Blogs as an attorney author and contribute your insight and knowledge.