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PA Texting Ban Takes The Place of Philly Law

In May 2009, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter signed  a cell phone ban, prohibiting the use of a hand held device, while driving.  Hands-free devices such as blue tooth were exempt. First time offenders were subject to a $150 fine, which would double if caught again.

 In the last three years, 31,000 citations have been given out to drivers who were caught using their cell phone while driving.

 Following in the Philly’s Footsteps, Harrisburg signed a texting ban that took effect on March 8th.  

 “This is a serious problem and we are hoping that we can educate citizens on the dangers of texting while driving and prevent future accidents” said  State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan in response to the law.

 In an interview with CBS 3, Joel Feldman, Local Personal Injury Attorney and founder of The Casey Feldman Foundation and EndDD.org, told reporters that he believes the ban will save lives.

Feldman has been advocating against distracted driving, since the death of his daughter, Casey, a college student who was killed in 2009 by a driver who was not paying attention behind the wheel.  He and his wife, Dianne Anderson played a huge role in the passage of New Jersey’s 2010 Law requiring all motorists to stop at crosswalks and remain stopped until al pedestrians have safely crossed the street.

Unfortunately, this law which replaces Philadelphia’s No Cell Phone law, does not include talking on a mobile device while driving.  However, if Harrisburg took one small step after Philly, perhaps this will lead to the inclusion of a talking ban down the road.

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