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Can Tractor Rollover Risks Be Reduced?

Tractor rollover accidents are among the leading causes of agricultural related deaths. Data suggests that as much as 80 percent of farm related injuries involve tractors, and much of that involves rollovers. Of course there are operational safety measures to reduce rollovers, like keeping speed down, turning slowly, avoiding turns while moving uphill, and not driving the vehicle until you have strong grasp over its function and controls. But the most effective safety precaution is using a system called a Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS).

The ROPS system is essentially a cage or frame on top of the tractor that shields the driver during a rollover. The structure’s frames are subject to extensive safety testing by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, which ensures the ROPS will resist different impacts around the protected region surrounding the driver. Always look for certification on a ROPS unit, homemade devices are not sufficient and may further endanger drivers. In addition to the ROPS, tractor drivers should also always use seat belts or else he or she will not stay protected by the apparatus during a crash.

Old tractors should be retrofitted to use the ROPS system. Consult a local dealer for guidance on the process. Don’t let the cost deter you, there is a program in place that provides up to 70 percent of the investment to retrofit an old tractor. This includes purchase and installation with up to a $765 max rebate. This also incorporates charges for parts and shipping. If you’ve been injured in a tractor trailer accident, contact a qualified York, PA truck accident lawyer today.

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